Welcome to Villa Ulmenhof

Dear Villa Ulmenhof friends and guests,

from 17.05.2021 we are allowed to open our villa again for tourist visits – we are looking forward to it!

To make your stay as pleasant as possible in times of Covid-19, we have compiled some information for you. You can find them on our homepage under “Hygiene concept”.

We are very happy to welcome you again after this long time!

See you soon – and until then, stay healthy!

Your Jana Koitzsch and team

 P.S.: We will of course keep you up to date on all news and changes on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/UlmenhofHotelSpa/.



Once a private villa under elm trees, today a hotel with its own unique charm.
Decorative and floral elements characterized the Art Nouveau style and thus the period in which the villa was built. Decorative and floral is also the ambience – individual and special.
Even though we did not create it, we have succumbed to its appeal and here in Bredstedt, North Frisia, we are bringing this flourishing period of the classic hotel industry back to life: stylishly and personally.
It is our pleasure to be there for you.
Jana Koitzsch and team

What you can expect:


Dreaming of the stars in a four-poster bed, being rocked to sleep by gentle waves as a skipper…
… Almost anything is possible. No two rooms are alike. So individual and
Villa Ulmenhof presents itself to its guests and is always good for a new discovery.


We love style and taste. Do you too?
Both await you in the exquisite ambience in our restaurant. Our service team will arrange
your evening cozy, familiar and with a lot of joy and enthusiasm.

Bath House

Unexpectedly, in the garden of Villa Ulmenhof stands the bathhouse.
The “faster the world revolves around us,” the more we appreciate islands of relaxation, places where we can recharge our batteries and find ourselves.
where we can recharge our batteries and find ourselves.


You would like to visit North Frisia for a few days and really get to know it? Then take advantage of our favorable specials!