The house, which today houses our hotel and restaurant, was built in 1903 as an Art Nouveau villa with an angled barn by the veterinarian Dr. Nissen. In 1990 the former farmstead was converted into a hotel and restaurant. The style and character of the house met the requirements of the cultural and monument office.

In the “Ulmenhof” we always try to harmonize a contemporary gastronomy in such a way that besides a menu offered with different delicacies and cultivated beverages also the cosiness has a firm place.

In 1991 the former laboratory and stables in the middle building were converted into hotel rooms. In 2003 a bed house was added in the right angle. In 2007 the art nouveau villa got a new main roof, which now houses two junior suites, with a view all the way to the Halligen and islands. In 2009/10 an exclusive bathhouse was built with a 32 sqm indoor pool with surge shower and counter current system, sauna, relaxation room as well as the outdoor area with seating. With the own block heat and power plant the necessary energy supply is always secured. Since the opening with only one hotel room, 60 beds are available today.